Beauty is on the eye of the beholder…

What do you think about those people’s faces? Do they have more similarities or differences? Are they beautiful?

Are there beauty standards around the world?

Can we say that there is objective beauty?


Tourist or Traveller?



What makes a tourist different from a traveler? When recently pondering that question, I found Merriam-Webster’s to be of little help. My old standby dictionary defines a tourist as “one that makes a tour for pleasure or culture” and a traveler as “one that goes on a trip or journey.” No big distinction there.

I then took a different tack: I checked forums on the Internet where the issue had been discussed. On the Fodor’s site, a commenter identified as “nytraveler” wrote, “I’m a tourist. I go to all sorts of places independently and want to see how locals live. Continue reading “Tourist or Traveller?”